Our Mission

The Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition (BACC) seeks atonement for past injustices, sanctification of a final resting place for 1st generation free Africans in the United States and their predecessors who died in bondage, and the celebration of the individuals, their accomplishments, and the once-thriving African community they established in Bethesda within 5 years of Emancipation.

Our History

​Atonement begins with the current governing authorities invoking their power to stop any further desecration of Macedonia Baptist Church’s Moses African Cemetery. Sanctification will occur when the cemetery is publicly proclaimed sacred ground. Celebration will be ongoing in the form of a living memorial, a museum with programming that educates this and future generations about the history—both joyous and tragic—of the Bethesda African Community, its resilience, determination and talents, as well as its ethnic cleansing, the obliteration of its history, and desecration. Its rebirth in the hearts and minds of BACC and its supporters today assures us that the souls interred in Moses African Cemetery will imbue this and future generations of Americans.

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