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A History Of River Road

Dig into the rich history of Black Africans living on River Road.

CBS Exposes Dr. Jones

On March 5, 2021, WUSA aired a shocking exposé that everyone who cares about Black lives and justice needs to see.

HUD to sell Black ancestors

Montgomery County continues to engage in the buying & selling of Black people.

Environmental Concerns

Desecration may be dumping toxic chemicals into the Willet Branch.

Noncompliance Letter to CE Elrich

View the attached photographs and letter from BACC to Mr. Elrich addressing violation of Maryland law.

In the Media

Battle for Burial Ground Intensiftes With Key Discovery

The controversy surrounding a construction site behind a McDonald’s
franchise along River Road has revolved around the question of whether
Parcel 242, atop which Montgomery County Parks and Planning is building a storage facility, indeed served as a final resting place for enslaved and formerly enslaved Africans who lived in the community.

Controversy Over Former Black Cemetery Uncovers History of Forgotten Community

In the 1960s, construction of a high-rise and parking lot in Bethesda, Maryland, was thought to have covered part of the burial ground. Matthews says the workers bulldozed over African American remains, while wiping away a century-old community founded by free slaves after the Civil War.

Burial Grounds

In Bethesda, people are protesting construction that desecrates a historic Black burial site.

Racial reckoning, new development reignite tension over commemoration of historic Black cemetery in Bethesda

The inconspicuous construction site hidden behind a McDonald’s parking lot just off River Road has become the latest battleground in the fight over commemorating a historic Black cemetery in Bethesda.